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CBT & FULL LICENCE TRAINING @tk cope with ticket2ride m/c training

Let us arrange your training to a Full motorcycle licence & POST-TEST/ADVANCED qualifications, starting your motorcycling adventure, with professional DVSA trainers who care.


DIRECT ACCESS SCHEME. £645 (Including the Mod 1 & 2 test fees).




CBT. £125. 


PRE-CBT Experience. For pure novice beginners, £45. If then booking full CBT, £80.

Instructor/coaching Training Courses available; enquire @TK Cope Moto shop location.

Individual Rider Training Skills Sessions, with current CBT. £75 / £130.


THE ENHANCED RIDERS SCHEME. How it works. You’ll go for an assessed ride with a DVSA Approved licenced ers Trainer. They’ll see what you are good at, and what you might need to brush up on. The ride is fun and enjoyable and covers a variety of road and traffic conditions. It takes between 1 and 2 hours, which gives you both time to identify any areas you can improve on. If you don’t need any training and you are assessed as a good safe rider, you’ll get a DVSA enhanced rider certificate. £75.

If there are things you can brush up on, your trainer will work with you on your recommended personalized training plan. Costs will Depend on how much more training is required.



You can put more days to suit your requirements and any recommendations made to you by the Trainer, depending on what you are looking to achieve; better cornering skills, confidence in your riding, slow riding skills, dual carriageway & motorway riding, A & B road craft, learning to ride to a plan and hazard management, improving observational skills and positioning.  All these can be incorporated into a training plan.  Do you want to prepare for one of the advanced riders tests?  RoSPA, DIAmond Advanced or Elite test.  We can arrange a riders advanced development skills package training to suit your needs. £150 a day.


BACK2BIKES Refresher skills training.  Been away from motorcycling a while? Get your riding “serviced” with excellent refresher training, bringing you bang up to date with modern motorcycling. £150 a day.


Come and speak to us about your training needs.


Ticket2Ride motorcycle training.  Based at; TK COPE MOTO PREMIER YAMAHA, COLCHESTER ESSEX.

Tel: 01206 868 663

Email: training@tkcope.com


We are located at:

Perfect Control are based in Hatfield Peverel, near Chelmsford, Essex.


Ticket2Ride at TK Cope Moto

1 Grange Farm Road

Contact us today!

For Ticket2Ride, contact 01206 868663 or email training@tkcope.com


For Perfect Control, call Paul on 07941 803043 or email


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