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To ride a motorcycle skilfully and safely on the road takes time and patience and lots of practice. One thing is for certain, it doesn’t come overnight. What you learn from our professional Trainers takes continued practice and self-discipline and a keenness to learn more, then more practice and time with the Trainer. Continued learning and development will see you reap the rewards from your commitment to becoming a better, safer rider.


THE TRAINING. (Post-Test & Advanced Rider training)


“The Assessment Ride”. The idea of the assessment ride is to find and determine the weaknesses in the rider’s skills. Find out what you are good at and what could do with being “brushed up” on and what development and personalised training programme would be desirable. The Trainer may advise the rider on the assessment ride after an initial period into the ride, to give some hints and tips, on the move. This is to give the rider idea’s in how to improve some areas of their ride. Rider’s with more experience, with post-test/advanced riding, the assessment will highlight where to start with further training to improve the standard. The assessment is 1:1 with radio comms used and at the end you’ll receive feedback and a written report of the ride. £75. Approximately 2hrs.


ADVANCED TRAINING. Advanced riding, why do it and is it any good? The reasons for many riders who did it were simple and expressed as follows, I wanted to make sure that whenever I went out on the bike I would arrive at my home, or destination in one piece and give myself the best possibility of achieving that. I wanted to make my ride a great deal more fun and satisfying. I found out what I could achieve by getting a professional Trainer to assess my current riding standard. The training recommendations to help develop and improve my skills, to such a standard, gave me more confidence in my improved ability, worth its “weight in gold” and the time vested in the training was priceless.” The training is about gaining high levels of observation skills and hazard management and prioritising those hazards into a structured riding plan, creating time and space and making well timed adjustments to the progress, along any given road and traffic situation. Being in the right place at the right time at the right speed with the appropriate acceleration. “An extremely enjoyable period of time spent, learning and discovering and building my skills and confidence, thanks so much.” £175 per day.


THE DRIVING & VEHICLE STANDARDS AGENCY ENHANCED RIDERS SCHEME You go for an assessed ride with a DVSA Approved ERS Trainer. They will see what you are good at and what you may need to improve on. The ride is fun and enjoyable and covers a variety of road and traffic conditions. It lasts between 1 & 2hrs. If you don’t need any training and are assessed as a good, safe rider, you receive your Enhanced Rider Certificate. £75.

If there are things you need to improve on, your Trainer will work with you on your recommended personalised further training plan. Further costs will depend on how much training is required.


There are some core modules, which cover things like; defensive riding, overtaking and filtering, and bends and corners. Then you can choose to do extra modules like group riding, riding for work and effective braking techniques.

You might do all-day courses or shorter sessions, depending on what’s right for you. When you have completed your training, you’ll get the certificate.


“BACK TO BIKING” & REFRESHER TRAINING. Going back to something you used to do can be a daunting experience. “Am I going to be able to do this? Will I enjoy it as much as I used to? How have things changed? Will I be welcomed back by other bikers?” All these things, or some of these thoughts will go through your mind. There is no need to worry, the Trainer will re-introduce you to the motorcycle and take you through the basics again and you will feel your own memories of how to ride come back to you, slowly at first but it’ll come! Then to build on this gaining confidence with the motorcycle of today. You’ll soon be on your way again. £175 per day.




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