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Ticket 2 Ride - 01206 868663

CBT and Full Licence training at TK Cope, Colchester.

Let us arrange your training to a full motorcycle licence and start your motorcycling adventure with professional trainers who care!


DIRECT ACCESS SCHEME COURSE. £645 (Includes the Mod 1 & 2 practical DVSA Test fees of, £90-50).

A2 Licence Training. As for Direct Access Scheme Course.


PRE-CBT COURSE. For pure novice beginners to see if it’s for them, £45. If going on to book CBT, £85

Instructor Training Courses available to those interested in getting into professional Instructing/coaching. Please enquire and arrange an appointment with the Trainers to attend consultation on the profession @ TK Cope Moto Yamaha Dealership.

The Enhanced Riders Scheme. The “Appraisal Ride”. £75

THE ERS DAY Improving your riding skills. £140

Advanced Riding Skills Training Day. £150. Additional Training days can be added according to rider needs.

Full Advanced Rider Course.  This is a course for the rider who is training for a specific advanced rider qualification, national certificate. The length of the course is determined by the individual riders starting skills level, worked out from an initial assessment ride, prior to scheduling the advanced course. For example a 3 day course would be £395

“Back to Biking”. Refresher skills training. Been away from motorcycling? Get your riding serviced with excellent refresher training, bringing you back up to date in modern motorcycling. £150

Come and speak to us about your training needs @Ticket2Ride m/c Training @TK COPE MOTO

Tel: 01206 868 663

Email: training@tkcope.com

We are located at:

Perfect Control are based in Hatfield Peverel, near Chelmsford, Essex.


Ticket2Ride at TK Cope Moto

1 Grange Farm Road

Contact us today!

For Ticket2Ride, contact 01206 868663 or email training@tkcope.com


For Perfect Control, call Paul on 07941 803043 or email


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