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At Perfect Control, Paul can work with you to construct and deliver a bespoke training package to take you from your current riding standard all the way up to RoSPA Gold Award, if that's what you're looking for. Alternatively, he can offer you a simpler training day or days to make your riding both safer and more enjoyable.


Perfect Control has its own Facebook page, where you can learn much more about what Paul's up to, read some of his thoughts about riding, and see testimonials from his students.


To ride a motorcycle skillfully and safely on the road takes time and patience. One thing for certain: it doesn’t come overnight. What you learn from a good experienced Trainer takes continued practice and self-discipline, then more practice and more time with the Trainer. Your continued learning and development will see you reap the rewards from your commitment to be a better, safer rider.

THE TRAINING. (Post-Test & Advanced motorcycle rider training)

The Assessment Ride. If you are a rider who has not done any “Post-Test” training, this assessment is ideal to find where the weaknesses in your skills are, and what you’re good at and what training could do for your riding, plus some hints and tips to help you enjoy riding more. For the rider with some experience and some Post-Test training, this assessment will highlight where to start with further training to improve the standard. The assessment is 1:1 with radio communication and at the end you’ll receive feedback, a verbal de-brief and written report. Approximately 2hours. £45

The Advanced Day. This is approximately a 5 hour+ day and 90% on road. A relaxed introduction to advanced training. The rider will learn and feel their way into the systematical pro-active approach, with a safe progressive style of road riding. This is conducted 1:1 with radio communications (instruction & coaching). De-brief of the day and written report. £150. Additional days can be added to extend the learning for a higher standard, possibly for actual advanced rider qualification; RoSPA + others.

Enhanced Rider’s Scheme (DVSA). As an experienced/advanced rider, try the ERS “Final Appraisal Ride”. If the Trainer assesses you as a; skillful, safe and smooth rider with accurate machine control and vigilant to the unexpected, considerate and confident…You could earn yourself the National Certificate Enhanced Rider Scheme Bonus, this can earn substantial insurance discounts. £75.   If you are a rider of less experience and want to improve your riding skills, you can book the ERS Day £140 and improve your core riding skills on; roads A & B types, town, motorway, overtaking, cornering, slow riding.

Back to Biking. Going back to something you used to do can be a daunting experience. “Am I going to be as good as I was? Will I enjoy it as much as I used to? How have things changed? Will I be welcomed back?” All these, or some of these thoughts will go through your mind. There is no need to worry, the Trainer will re-introduce you to the motorcycle and take you through the basics again and you will feel your own memories of how to ride start to come back to you. Then to build on this with confidence gained to the motorcycle of today. You’ll soon be on your way again. £150 4/5 hour day.

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