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Be The Rider You Could Be

DIA Advanced Rider Training And Testing

Can you rise to the challenge of the Professional Training Industry's own extremely challenging Advanced Riders Tests? These are the very riding/driving tests the motor training industry uses to examine its own fleet and professional Instructors and Examiners to measure their riding skills. The test comes in two guises, the Advanced Test and the Special Test. Perfect Control can provide you with the necessary professional training and arrange the test appointment. Rise to the challenge!! More….

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Welcome to Perfect Control!

Perfect Control exists to improve the skill and safety of your riding so that you can make the best of your bike and increase your enjoyment and confidence in your riding. The qualifications we offer could reduce your insurance costs as well as vastly improve your riding skills!

Perfect Control are one of an exclusive group of commercial advanced motorcycle rider training schools that are used by Essex Police’s Bike Safe Programme as specialist assessors, and are recommended by Essex Police for Post-Test and Advanced Rider Training. All our training rides can be video recorded as an aid and benefit to our training.


Hi Paul

I hadn't forgotten to send you an email as promised, I didn't just want to just say thanks. I wanted to practise what you taught me not only on the "Bike Safe" day but also the additional training day,  and get out on the bike as much as I could and just keep practising.

Now I can say a very big thank you!! Because I feel a lot more confidant with my riding, I can now read the road a lot better. I'm not as nervous as I was which means I don't brake so much or as hard. I get the bike in a better position and the right gear ready to make the next manoeuvre. Putting this all together I think my riding overall is a lot more fluid and enjoyable than when I first went out with you.

I plan on contacting you later this year and talk to you about you assessing me to see if I'm ready to take your "Advance Riders Course" now I'm at the stage I am I want to take it further.

So once again a very big thank you to yourself and the "Bike Safe Team"